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"These ladies clean our office like it was their own home.  They are meticulous and very detailed.  Love having them as our cleaning service."
- Mr. Contractor (Jenny)




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Clean facings of cabinets

Clean and disinfect countertops and sink

Clean table and chairs

Clean inside microwave and toaster oven

Clean exterior off all appliances

Clean inside oven and refrigerator (additional fee)

Collect trash

Vacuum, Mop, Sweep floors

Living Room

 Dust window sills and tops of windows

Dust and wipe all furniture

Dust ceiling fans

Windex glass

Vacuum carpets/vacuum/dust/wash hardwood floors

Clean inside fireplaces and remove debris (additional fee)

Dust woodwork

Highdust for cobwebs


Dining Room

 Dust and wipe all furniture

Dust woodwork as needed


Vacuum rugs/vacuum/wet mop hardwood floors

Highdust for cobwebs



Dust window sills and tops of windows

Change linens if left on bed

Dust and wipe all furniture (dresser, bureau, nightstand)

 Dust woodwork as needed

Windex glass

Vacuum rugs/ vacuum/wet mop/dust hardwood floors (under bed if accessible)

Collect trash



 Wash and disinfect tub, shower and toilet

Windex all glass, polish chrome

Wipe exterior of vanity cabinets

Collect trash

Shake rugs

Wash floors


 Special Projects


  Such as Spring Cleanings, inside oven and refrigerator as well as any other cleaning request can be done for an additional charge.  Please call prior to your cleaning so we can a lot the appropriate amount of time.




Keep It Clean With Raylene, Inc. will provide all of the cleaning products and equipment necessary to make your home sparkle.   Some clients do prefer us to use their products.  We will do this as long as they are left out and we are given proper instructions on how to use them.